Carbon Fibre fabric
Carbon Fibre fabric
Carbon Fibre fabric
Carbon Fibre fabric
Carbon Fibre fabric
Carbon Fibre fabric



The technology of strengthening and repairing concrete structure with carbon fiber reinforced polymer is to paste the high performance CFRP on the surface of building structure with resin, forming advanced composite material, work together with the existing structure, so as to strengthen and improve the mechanical properties of the structure, limit the generation and development of cracks.
Advantages of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer(CFRP):
1. The one-way tensile strength is high, which is about 7-10 times than steel.
2. It is light in weight and only 1 / 4 weight of the steel, which can be operated manually without large machines and equipment; it is pasted on the surface of the structure, with fast construction speed and short period, which has little impact on the life and production of the reinforced structure, and hardly increases the quality of the original structure.
3. Carbon fiber strengthening system is with high modulus of elasticity, can play an important role in strengthening of concrete/steel.
4. It is stable in humid and corrosive environment, and can resist the corrosion of acid, alkali, salt and water because of the stable chemical properties of fiber reinforced composite and resin bonding.
5. Carbon fiber strengthening system is widely used in bridges and other projects,like building beams, columns and floors,tunnels and chimneys,municipal roads,steel pipes,etc; The onstruction performance is superior, easy to cut, and has a high adaptability to the required shape and size.
6.Carbon fiber strengthening system is an economic and effective method for concrete crack reinforcement and foundation repair, and also suitable for repair and reinforcement of pipeline cracks and corrosion.

Our CFRP is woven by imported equipment from Germany, and the tow is straight and the cloth surface is flat.
High strength, high modulus of elasticity, corrosion resistance and aging resistance.
Our products have passed the safety appraisal of National Standard GB 50728-2011, and shelf-life is 50 years after application.

Type: First Class Carbon Fiber Cloth 200g-300g/m2
Thickness:0.167mm-0.3mm per layer
Function: composite material
Weave: unidirectional,BD ,plain ,twill,satin
Type: 1k 3k 6k 12k 24K
Tensile Strength:>=3400MPa
Elasticity Modulus:>=230GPa
Bending Strength:>=700MPa
Interlaminar Shear Strength:>=45MPa
Bonding Strength for Concrete:>=2.5MPa
Bonding Strength for Steel:>=3.5MPa